With so much chaos and saddening news blurring what is already a bad year, to feel anxious has become inevitable. Good thing, artists like The Juans are here to shine their light upon us.

After releasing their song ‘Sirang Plaka‘, The Juans served us again another single written to comfort our weary hearts. The five-piece OPM band comprises of these talented music artists: Carl Guevarra, RJ Cruz, Chael Adriano, Japs Mendoza, and Joshua Coronel.

After Luzon was placed in lockdown last month, the band contemplated writing a song for all of us who are clueless about our situation because of the dreading COVID-19. It’s almost been a month since everything was canceled and all we can do is force ourselves to stay at home for our safety. How are we holding up so far?


“It was all rush pero talagang binraso namin dahil alam namin na marami ang may kailangan ngayon ng hope and just in time when Malacañang announced to the nation a week for prayer, we thought it was perfect timing to release it.” shared Carl Guevarra, the OPM band’s lead singer.

With just three days of work on songwriting, arrangements and recording, The Juans swiftly came up with their new song, Manalangin. Upon writing the single, Carl had panic attacks and anxiety because of what’s happening to our country specifically, the pandemic crisis. He was really worried about everything and all that he could do is to pray. With all the thoughts that have been clouding his mind, he decided to write about encouraging everyone to have faith and hope amidst this darkness.

Sa panahong malayo sa isa’t isa

Hangga’t may nakikinig sa panalangin

Hindi mawawala ang pag-asa natin

Ikaw at ako babangon tayo

Sama sama lahat ay susulong

Basta’t tayo’y magtutulong tulong

Lilipas din matatapos din ang dilim

“It’s really a tough time for artists now, especially sa income side, but no matter how challenging times are, we’re making good use of time by creating music, and using our gift of music to still be productive and somehow touch people’s lives.” Carl expressed.

The song’s comforting arrangement was meant to encourage us and remind us that we can still look for a silver lining despite of this pandemic crisis. The emotions of the hemmed lyrics and the sustained sound on the background are stunningly fit together.

In case you haven’t listened to it yet, you can stream ‘Manalangin’ on Spotify!

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