The Itchyworms returns with back to back new singles that capture everyone’s sentiments as the global pandemic crisis continues to blur of futures.

“Armaggeddon Blues” and The Silence” are their brand new singles inspired by the ongoing social, mental, and emotional crisis we’re all facing in the face of the pandemic.

Armaggeddon Blues

It seems like no amount of pandemic stress and anxieties could stop artists from yielding their power. In response to the physical limitations brought by the enhanced community quarantine, artists have adapted and created music that’s either to uplift people’s spirits or encapsulate our feelings– whether good or bad– as we collectively struggle to cope with this very difficult time in our lives.

The latest release from Itchyworms, ‘Armaggeddon Blues’ serves as their entry for this new normal trend among music artists. Built on crunching guitar riffs, Beatlesque pop melodies, and raw but in-your-face production, the song captures the somewhat end-of-the-world vibe in our present situation.

Interestingly, ‘Armaggeddon Blues’ is an update on an old demo recorded by Jazz Nicolas, the band’s (lead vocals, drums, piano, keyboards, keytar), and Chino Singson, their lead guitarist, and backing vocals. It was written way back 2005 and supposed to be included on their critically acclaimed album, Noontime Show and the follow-up record, Self-Titled. However, The Itchyworms felt that it was thematically different and completely ahead of its time.

“Time jump to more than 15 years later, I was the only one who had a copy of the demo,” Jugs Jugueta (co-lead vocals, rhythm guitar, percussion, keyboards) shares. “Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) happened, and I sent them the demo of ‘Armageddon Blues’.”

He adds, “A couple of weeks into the ECQ, we realized that we’re in this for the long haul, and that we had to do something creative. We decided to write and record a few songs inspired by our experiences during COVID-19.” 

The Silence

From the songwriting sessions that ensued came ‘The Silence’, written by Jugs Jugueta and Jazz Nicolas, and recorded and produced by The Itchyworms entirely during the Enhanced Community Quarantine. About the song, Jugs says, “It’s what we think everyone is going through right now. Nobody could’ve foreseen 2020 to be like this.”


Both songs are part of their upcoming ‘Waiting For The End’ album’, an eight-track release expected to come out in July 2020 under Sony Music Philippines. Armaggeddon Blues’ is now available across digital streaming platforms worldwide. Watch out for the official release of “The Silence” tomorrow midnight, May 22, 2020.

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What do you think about the The Itchyworm’s latest release ‘Armaggeddon Blues’?


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