Devices released their first Spotify EP called ‘The Element of Surprise,’ and we were definitely surprised by this rising band’s talent!

Rising OPM band Devices released their first EP on Spotify this October 10. And with the BTS teaser video below, you’ll catch a glimpse of what kind of surprises are in store for us right here.

The EP consists of five songs–– ‘Conquistador,’ ‘Enjoi,’ ‘Keep Me In Mind,’ ‘The Element of Surprise,’ and a bonus track entitled ‘Settle.’

And as the band announced its release on Twitter, it immediately caught the attention of OPM lovers. Yep, Devices instantly became one of our new favorite bands!

And this is no surprise, Devices performed at Mow’s Bar last Friday (October 12) to officially introduce the EP launch of ‘The Element of Surprise.’

Quality music

Before it was officially released on Spotify however, Devices has been working on their song ‘The Element of Surprise’ for some time now. And below, you’ll find a music video demo from their Youtube channel that was released February of 2017.

Looks like they’ve really been preparing for this for ages! And we love how it all turned out in the final cut of their EP.

Listen to them here NOW!

Audience impact

Their launch at Mow’s Bar was a good sign, to say the least! Positive feedback were seen all over Twitter after Devices’ performance. And we even have a video snippet from Twitter right here!

You could really feel the crowd’s love and support for Devices, as they danced and cheered to their performance. Not to mention the numerous praises for their Spotify album found all over Twitter!

Why people have been sleeping on this band till now? We have no idea! But we’re sure the course is about to change for Devices after the amazing launch.

Devices were truly grateful for those who supported them, expressing their thanks through their Twitter account and even on Instagram.

We love you too, guys! And we’re expecting a lot more from you in the coming gigs and launches!

What do you think of ‘The Element of Surprise’ EP? Is Devices on your new list of favorite bands? Tell us in the comment section below! Or better yet, send us a message on Facebook on Twitter @UDoUPh. We would love to hear from you.