If you don’t know what sexy is, then you’ve probably haven’t heard The Chase by Reese Lansangan!

Just last week, The Chase by Reese Lansangan dropped and caught everyone off guard. With her newest song, ‘The Chase’, fresh from the Elements Music Camp, Reese is showing us a different side of her music.

Reese Lansangan is known of her compelling and straightforward songs accompanied by her mesmerizing acoustic arrangements. She tells stories in her music, depicting unsung feelings of our everyday lives. Her songs are relatable and are unique to the ears. She’s one of the first indie musicians that was able to make a brand of her own with her music.

With ‘The Chase’, Reese definitely took a different turn with the music arrangement. From the usual acoustic sounds, she veered away from that and added sick EDM elements to the song. It was a different Reese, folks! But we are NOT complaining. From our innocent and friendly girl next door Reese, this one is emitting a sexy and “I-don’t-give-a-damn” Reese vibe. She was slayin’, man!

Here is the lyric video of ‘The Chase’ and we can’t wait to see a music video anytime soon!

All this time

I’m chasing the wrong kind,

I’ve been blinded

When I saw the danger in his eyes

I can’t explain myself

Sexy Reese…

The song started with EDM beats and just a snap, we knew we are in for a treat. And the lyrics are just damn relatable for all the marupok out there. Well, for some, it makes us reminisce the days where we’ve been in deep too much for some person and running in circles for him. While for some, this song is serving the ugly truth of chasing someone and tries to knock some sense to us.

Her arrangement in this songs screams “sexy” and “bad-ass” all the way. Who knew Reese, the one we’ve all fallen in love with her girl-next-door “Grammar Nazi” can be this sexy?

A multi-awarded artist she is, Reese is not one to stay in her comfort zone. With ‘The Chase’, she is testing new waters and we are happy to say, she is killing it, everyone! We don’t have a lot of artists, be it solo or a group, who are trying to mix things up an try new things, especially with a touch of EDM elements.

So you better head out to Spotify, add it to your playlist and keep hitting that play button! Right now!

We are stoked to see more of Reese Lansangan. If this is a new dawn of music for her, we don’t know yet. But we are surely in love with her new song and we are down with her any time of the day. People, better watch out for Reese Lansangan, she’s not the one to play with! Slay, queen!

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