The Break Up by Carmen is now out on Spotify, and it’s making us relive the pain of being left behind.

Have you experienced not actually breaking up with your partner yet, but feeling like everything you both have are slipping away? If you have, you can probably relate so much to The Break Up by Carmen!

Carmen Band

Who is Carmen and why did the band name itself after it? We don’t know for sure, it may be someone significant in the members’ lives, or it can mean something else. Carmen Band was actually formed when four musicians met at a local studio. Destined? Maybe! But we know that they were bound by their love for music and just loved jamming with each other. Hailing from Taguig City, Philippines, they play local alternative melodic rock. Carmen band is Kylde Enopre on drums, Dan Egipto on bass, Harold Cummings on lead, and Dino Butra on vocals and guitar. They have spent a year or two writing their own music and has created songs that could fill an album! But I’m willing to bet that we can expect them to release more songs soon!

The Break Up

The band seemed to like black and white. If you check their Spotify, they mostly use black and white for their covers. This image right here is the cover photo they used for ‘The Break Up’. Fittingly, the song makes you feel like you’re on a road going nowhere.

The song can have many different interpretations, but to me, it came as a dying relationship, one that you’re trying to save even though you know you can’t. It communicates confusion on the singer’s part, which the lyrics show so much.

Everything just seems so hard to love
Everything just feels we’ve lost a part
Everything’s a feeling I’m trying to hide, this time
A little too late
to catch the love we have created
A little too late
My love, can we try to save this
You can stream ‘The Break Up’ and the rest of Carmen’s songs on Spotify now!
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