Islandeer’s latest single may be called ‘The Bad Taste’, but it sure doesn’t sound as the name implies! We’re completely blown away and here’s why.

Islandeer just dropped their second and latest single called ‘The Bad Taste’, and it’s sure to bring you some chill vibe that’s perfect for the changing weather! Rainy or sunny, this music will surely relax you. To give us a sense what the duo’s music sounds like, listen to their first single, ‘Momento’!



Islandeer consists of Michael Garcia (vocals, guitars, keys) and Christian Jansen (drums, guitars, keys). Hailing from Singapore, the duo draws inspiration from different bands such as Radiohead, Bombay Bicycle Club, The Beatles, Fleet Foxes, The Strokes and more. Now, that is a diverse choice of musical influence, but it plays well to create the duo’s distinct sound. With this, they are combining styles from 60s pop, 70s rock, indie rock, and modern psychedelia.

They may be Singapore-based, but they have Filipino roots (we can all tell by the names)! Michael’s parents are actually both pure Filipino and they moved to Singapore before he was born, while for Christian, it is his grandmother. Although both grew up to be Singaporeans with not much cultural Filipino heritage, they still are making us proud with the career they are creating for themselves in music!

The Bad Taste

Ever tasted something bad? Well, we can all agree that it’s a rather unpleasant experience, but ‘The Bad Taste’ doesn’t sound remotely bad at all! The vocals remind me of the band Cigarettes After Sex, but with a more upbeat vibe to it. The entirety of their sounds pretty much sums up from their musical influences! I mean, can we talk about the instrumentals? Tell me that lead in the intro doesn’t sound smooth! It just makes you close your eyes and take it all in, and then the vocals come in and it just makes for a perfect symphony in your head. For a two-man band, Islandeer’s music sure has full capability to put the listeners in just the right headspace.

Lyric-wise, the words to the song kind of contrasted its upbeat and groovy tunes. The songwriting is pretty straightforward and personal. Like you would only get it if you’re the person he’s singing to. But I bet it sucked to be the girl he was singing about! Check out these lyrics:

Oh, who are you to be naive?

I just can’t give any attention

She, she really got the bad taste

But who, who the hell am I to say?

You can stream ‘The Bad Taste’ on Spotify right here!

Islandeer is really starting to establish their name in the scene! As of now, they only have two singles on Spotify, but we’re excited to hear what they’re working on! What did you think about ‘The Bad Taste’? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.