LATEST DROP: Thank U, Next Music Video – Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has been teasing us with her tweets… But finally, the Thank U, Next Music Video is here!

Thank U, Next‘ is prolly the self-love anthem of the year 2018. It set off a record after it dropped and everyone was anticipating the music video. Who wouldn’t when Ariana Grande kept on tweeting some teasers, right?

So if you haven’t seen the Thank U, Next Music Video that dropped yesterday, don’t worry! We gotchu!

Wow, that was one hell of pop cultural references, aren’t they?

Truth be told, we were kind of expecting more from the ‘Thank U, Next’ music video. And we feel like there could have been a better concept to produce with such a deep and meaningful song.

But oh well, we won’t complain because we’re feeling all nostalgic with all these romantic-comedy movies from the 2000s. And it seems like people are going crazy over this music video. Because it already has more than 60 million views on Youtube! How whoa is that, huh?

Mean Girls

The part that got everyone mind blown. We mean, who wouldn’t right with such amazing portrayals of our all-time favorite casts? The famous scenes were reenacted and it’s giving us such nostalgia. We bet some of you even decided to stream ‘Mean Girls’ once again cos of this part of the MV!

We are totally loving Miranda Sing and Troy Sivan’s appearance! And who wouldn’t go crazy when the original Aaron Samuels (Jonathan Bennett) was in the MV, right? Oh goodness, his hair really looks sexy pushed back! 😉

The burn book was also present in the music video. Cos really now, what’s a ‘Mean Girls’ reference without this iconic book, right? In ‘Thank U, Next’ however, the burn book was in honor of Ariana Grande’s exes and instead of hate, this one is filled with love. Late Mac Miller was left out of this book.

Of course, the ‘Jingle Bell Dance’ was in the MV as well and it got even more hilarious when Kris Jenner played as Regina George’s mom. Ariana Grande’s ‘Victorious’ co-star Elizabeth Gillies who resembles Lindsay Lohan, played as Cady Heron. And the resemblance is uncanny!

Bring It On

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‘Bring It On’ is another all-time favorite movie! Reenacted was the famous bathroom scene and another ‘Victorious’ co-star Matt Bennett played as Cliff Pantone. Miranda Sings makes a crossover from the ‘Mean Girls’ universe in the MV. In the ‘Bring it On’ universe, she was this pregnant cheerleader, wearing a uniform that says TUN (which refers to the song title). Let us tell you, the sight of a pregnant cheerleader is one for the books! And of course, there are Clovers and Toros having it out. What’s a ‘Bring It On’ without that, right?

And dear, Ariana Grande was slayin’ Regina George and even Torrance Shipman!

13 Going On 30

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This one is a bit short but Ariana was definitely pulling off Jenna’s look and heartbreak just like in the movie. With a dollhouse in hand, it’s like Ariana Grande transported us to the ’13 Going On 30′ universe with her dollhouse’s wishing dust!

Legally Blonde

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Ahhhhhh, another fave! Agree? We know you do! Ariana plays as Elle Woods in this ‘Legally Blonde’ universe and of course, complete with a dog!

Jennifer Coolidge made an appearance back to her original role as Paulette. While Ariane was chatting with her at the nail salon, a few references to Pete Davidson’s “Big D**k Energy” meme are made while gossiping. With this really upfront remark to the oblivious Paulette of course, “He was really cute, and it was really big.”

And finally, with a final middle finger to the camera from Ariana, Kris Jenner closes out the video shouting, “thank u next, bitch!”

Can’t get enough of this song? Stream it on Spotify now!

What do you think of the Thank U, Next Music Video of Ariana Grande? Are you loving all these pop culture references? Share us your thoughts in the comment section below! Or feel free to send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to get all nostalgic with you!

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