There’s no shame in taking a leap of faith because Take My Hand by Submission PH tells us that there’s a love that’s worth risking it all!

Gone are the days of being afraid. Sometimes we got to take a leap of faith. Truth to be told, love can be scary. With all the pain up ahead, it will be a tough journey indeed. But Submission’s newest single, ‘Take My Hand’ reminds us that we can endure it. All it takes is to be with the person we think who is right.

Submission, an electro-rock band, brings groovy synths fused with techno and pop at the same time. The band is composed of Kanna de Guzman on keys and vocals, Alec Densing on bass,  Chunick Tato on guitars, and Ian Estanislao on drums. So far, the tracks they’ve released features light yet poetic songwriting with groovy tunes. Aside from that, Kanna’s voice modulated and silvery voice perfectly gives life to their songs.

The first minute of mellow tunes actually made sense. It settled a cozy yet groovy vibe before dropping the beats all out. Surprisingly, it worked. It ain’t dancey like ‘Chasing Sunsets‘ but it has a certain feel that makes you want to spin around while singing along it.

Take My Hand

Hands down to Submission with their latest track. ‘Take My Hand’ isn’t just your typical love song. Despite the light songwriting, it is as meaningful as it can be. It’s positive and encouraging, showing off how one person knows his or her own worth as a love interest. We’ve had lots of songs that describe oneself as somehow lacking as a partner but still trying to make up for it. But ‘Take My Hand’ demonstrated the confidence that we should possess.

Don’t be afraid to take my hand
Baby it seems like you see me as a daydream
We’ll spend the days and nights unplanned
So don’t be afraid to take my hand

Indeed, we can be a daydream. And there’s nothing wrong in being the best version of ourselves, right? So why not take the chance? Yeah, there’s a lot to risk when you put yourself out there. But if you’ve found a person who’s perfect for you, then go for it. It’s only a distant daydream if you don’t dare to make it happen. Like they always say, no regrets.

Anyway, be sure to listen to ‘Take My Hand’ by Submission PH on Spotify!

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