Pick yourself up from all the devastations in life because Tahan by The Early Ears reminds you that it’s okay to cry once in a while.

Life is nothing but a roller coaster ride. There will always be dark days in our life that all we’ll want to do is cry. And that’s a fact that we can’t escape. But should we stop there? Do we just break down and cry? Because The Early Ears’ newest single ‘Tahan’ tells you otherwise. That after a good ol’ breakdown, you better wipe those tears and face the world head up high.

The Early Ears is a five-piece rock outfit, hailing from Quezon City. They like to describe themselves as “old and vintage rock and roll”. And it definitely fits their bill as they seem to take heavy influence from local legendary classic rock bands. The band consists of frontman Ray Maravilla on vocals and guitars, Tito Wiwi and Prince Bautista on guitars, Gelo Narag on bass and Chi Zipagan on drums. They’ve found themselves channeling their inner rockstars as they create exhilarating rich rock music.

In their newest single, they’ve really outdone themselves. It showed how their music is evolving every single time. Despite the concentrated number of rock bands in the local music scene, they’ve managed to get themselves a defining style that fits them well. And that’s their modernized classic rock and roll textures that will remind you of the classic rock and roll bands we used to love.


Kalimutan na natin to

Humakbang paharap

Itaas ang noo

Similar to the rock bands we love, The Early Ears know how to tug the heartstrings while maintaining the upbeat energy. ‘Tahan’, like no other, is quite a powerful fight song for anyone who is down. It talks about breaking down from the challenges and obstacles life throws at you. About how things can get messy because it will always get messier by the minute.

Because that’s how life is. It isn’t all rainbows and sparkles. It’s roses and thorns. You’d see the beauty of it but you’d get hurt in the process as well. And yes, there are times, countless times that you’d find yourself breaking down. Or just pondering on whether to give up on yourself or on life itself. But Tahan reminds you of the strength you have. That it’s okay to cry because we all cry. There’s no need to be ashamed of being emotional because the world can sometimes be cruel. All you have to do is wipe those tears and keep on pushing forward. Because it can and it will get better eventually. All those hardships is just a small price to pay for your impending happiness and success in the future, right?

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