syd hartha is out with her new MV for ‘ayaw’ and it’s just as intense as the lyrics!

syd hartha has just released the MV to her hit song ‘ayaw‘ last August 30! And everyone is here for it! Because fans are loving how the MV resonates the story that the song tells, no holds barred! You can watch the MV for ‘ayaw’ below but take caution. Trigger warning for victims of abuse: The MV may cause discomfort due to scenes that subliminally indicate abuse and sexual harassment.

syd hartha has truly grown in the music scene since she started in 2018. She now has 79, 370 monthly listeners and 17, 058 followers on Spotify. And her song ‘ayaw‘ is preceded by her two other singles, ’tila tala’ and ‘iglap’. But most importantly, she continues to wow us with the quality of her voice and her expertise in speaking Filipino.

“Karinderyang hindi bukas sa lahat ng gustong kumain”


We believe that this MV is a story about taking back the power. And by talking about it, it’s like one big sign that says “IT WASN’T MY FAULT AND I AM NOT ASHAMED.” Because that’s incredibly important for victims of abuse and sexual harassment. It’s important to internalize that it’s never the victim’s fault and that they shouldn’t be ashamed. In some of the scenes in the MV we see a sign in the background that says, “Karinderyang hindi bukas sa lahat ng gustong kumain.” Or in English, “eatery that’s not open to anyone who wants to eat.” And it just perfectly goes well together with her lyrics that say:

‘Di lahat ng gusto dapat masunod

(Not every want should be attained)

‘Di lahat ng hiling dapat matupad mo

(Not every wish should be granted)

So metaphorically, the sign in the background can be interpreted as her saying that just because someone has a body doesn’t mean you can do what you want with it.

We think it’s incredibly important to have songs like ‘ayaw’ by syd hartha. It’s important that our society openly talks about abuse and sexual harassment. To normalize the discourse and to help stop the culture.

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