Swan Song by Dua Lipa is out! And the music video will make you anticipate the movie ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ even more.

Just last week, the music video of the Swan Song by Dua Lipa was released. The MV is incorporated with upcoming science fiction film entitled ‘Alita: Battle Angel’. The movie is set to premiere on Valentine’s Day.

The setting of ‘Swan Song’ MV is at the scrapyard of Iron City, the place where the movie’s protagonist (Alita) was abandoned. Check out the cool music video right here:

The Music Video

The cool MV showcases singer Dua Lipa as if she’s Alita herself. Running and protecting herself from the treacherous and brutal Iron City. ‘Swan Song’ music video also allows the viewers to get more glimpse on what the much-awaited film by Robert Rodriguez would look like.

What was great about this MV was Alita (Rosa Salazar) being a part of it! Alita and Dua Lipa had an interaction through a mirror and Dua proceeded on learning Alita’s moves. And come on, the similarities between Dua and the protagonist is crazy. Not to mention, they are both rocking that short hair!

‘Swan Song’ by Dua Lipa

The ‘Swan Song’ is the first real taste of the soundtrack for ‘Alita: Battle Angel’.  The film is about fighting injustice and how we must battle the world if we have to in order to convey what is right.

Hopefully we all find a part of ourselves in Alita’s character and see that we mustn’t ever quit our battle against the injustices of the world. Even in the hardest moments we must speak up.

Dua Lipa‘s track is all about self-empowerment and dedicated to those who are living their lives fighting for the marginalized people. The song is then inspired by a glocal advocacy group for the ongoing HIV/AIDS crisis, the ACT UP. It is dedicated to the LGBT activists part of the advocacy group, who fight to give a better life to those who have AIDS.

Stream it on Spotify now!

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