Weather the emotional storm inside you with Sunset Boulevard by Written By The Stars!

Nothing’s more painful than seeing the person we love with someone else. And all we can do is drown and wallow ourselves in sorrow, right? So if you’re still on your grieving stage, you better listen to ‘Sunset Boulevard’ by Written By The Stars. Surely, the boys can empathize with your broken heart. It might not be that motivating as it sounds. But definitely, it will help the reality of your broken heart sink in and help you move on.

Written By The Stars consistent rise in the local music industry shows their determination and passion. The four-piece emo pop-punk band took influence from international and local bands like Mayday Parade, Typecast, All Time Low and the likes. Emo pop-punk has been a guilty pleasure of lots of people in the local music industry. However, the exposure of OPM emo pop-punk hasn’t been getting a good reception, unlike other music genres. But despite that, WBTS pursues to create music that would transcend from the local music scene to global charts.

Sunset Boulevard

Coz tonight when I see you in my dreams
As I’m drowning down these tears
Help me survive, help me revive
From these broken feelings

Remember Mayday Parade’s painful and agonizing songs? ‘Sunset Boulevard’ is that kind of song. It takes us back to a bad memory we’d just want to forget. It vividly recalls how we regret hurting the person we love. And letting go of them in the process. But what really breaks the heart is the fact that we can no longer go back to the good old days. To the same happy lovers that we were. It’s quite painful to accept that no matter how much we’ve changed or no matter how much we want to get back, there’s no going back. All you can do is dream that faraway dream of having them back.

It’s as emotional as it can get. You can sense the Mayday Parade-ish inspiration oozing from the song itself. The story it conveys is straightforward and realistic. No flowery words, just the plain truth of how you really feel. I guess that makes it relatable. You don’t have to ponder over the words. You’ll just have to listen and let them sink in. Not just on the song-writing, but also in the music arrangement. It’s a good call that they used an acoustic guitar for the intro, as it added flair and variety to the song.

You better stream ‘Sunset Boulevard’ by Written By The Stars in Spotify, stat!

These guys surely know how to pull off a top-notch song just like that! Especially with this single, you can see their potential as a band. What can you say about Sunset Boulevard by Written By The Stars? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.