Heart-warming and familiar, Mayday Parade’s Sunnyland music video breaks the internet with more relatable feels than before.

From their newest album of the same name, Sunnyland by Mayday Parade is another song that is just close to our hearts. As sentimental as the song can be, the music video offers a great dose of feels, as we all call it. Unlike the previous songs of Mayday Parade that centers on heartbreaks, ‘Sunnyland’ is a breath of fresh air.

From the usual pop-punk music and heavy lyrics riddled with heartbreaks and straight-forward lyrics, ‘Sunnyland’ is a tad lighter. It offers a more light yet personal theme. It’s also different as it has folk rock music overtones all over. Despite that, Mayday Parade did not miss the chance of making us cry over ‘Sunnyland’.

Somehow, the music video feels like home too. With the music giving a familiar warmth, the music video appeases what the eyes want. It reminds us of home in every way possible. Aside from that, its penchant gets us to reminisce and look back things in our life. Like a quick yet relishing walk down the memory lane. Think about the smell of your mom’s cooking. Or the beach last summer in the province. Or the good memories with your childhood. It’s not just looking back but it’s appreciating the things that made us happy.

You were so cynical the last time that I saw you
And I thought, that’s what a real grown up looks like
You were happy once but that was such a long time ago now
Gravity took something from your life

If you’re down in the slumps, ‘Sunnyland’ is the best go-to song to uplift your spirits. Mayday Parade made ‘Sunnyland’ a fight song for those who are having a hard time in life, especially us adults. It might be a mellow song and a bit different from their usual approach. But it’s folk-rock acoustics and beautiful harmony hook us to this song. Overall, ‘Sunnyland’ is the heart of Mayday Parade’s new album and it’s etched in our hearts.

You can listen to ‘Sunnyland’ by Mayday Parade in Spotify!

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