Kickstarting his music career once more, Sundo by Matteo Guidicelli brings a new sound to a familiar song we’ve loved.

After a long hiatus, Matteo Guidicelli goes back to music. And to give his fans and everyone a treat, he revitalizes Imago’s ‘Sundo’ into a music of his own. From the soothing alternative tunes of Imago’s original, Matteo made a twist of upping the beat.

Aside from being an actor and karting driver, Matteo Guidicelli is a musician himself. Ever since 2011, he’s been shooting off the local music charts with his music. Boasting his amazing vocals, his songs really show a different side of him. But after taking a break, he jumped ships from Star Records to Viva Records now, who are managing him with his comeback single, ‘Sundo’.


Originally a song popularized by Imago, ‘Sundo’ talks about love and waiting for it. That no matter how hard, no matter what life throws at them, there’s this person that will always be waiting for you at the end of the day. Which isn’t just romantic but reassuring at the same time.

But according to the songwriter of ‘Sundo’, there’s a deeper meaning behind it. Despite the romantic veneer it shows, it’s actually inspired by Bible verses. It’s about God waiting for us to come back to him. Even at our lowest, He’s there for us, no matter who we are and what our sins are. And I think that’s the kind of love, acceptance, and validation everyone wants. Unconditional and unrequited.

No wonder Matteo chose it as his comeback single. Furthermore, he made the song as his, putting his own signature tunes to it. Instead of slow beats, he opted for a faster beat, making it sound more positive and livelier. And we’re all digging it!

You can listen to ‘Sundo’ by Matteo Guidicelli on Spotify, now!

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