Is it summertime yet? Because the Summer MV of Nadine Lustre and James Reid is oozingly hot!

Summer is almost upon us and luckily, the heat right now is not excruciating. But with the Summer MV of Nadine Lustre and James Reid out? Whew! It feels like they’ve fast forward to summer!

The couple continues to make waves in the Philippine music scene. And to welcome 2019, the official music video of ‘Summer’ was released! Check it out now but ready some water cos this MV is on fire!

I seriously shrieked at some parts while watching this! These individuals are just so beautiful, don’t you agree? You don’t? Okay, bye. Kidding. But seriously, Nadine Lustre and James Reid are so damn sexy!

‘Summer’ MV

Before watching the MV, I was expecting an ultimate trippy video and full-on aesthetics. That’s what this couple has been giving us with their past music videos. That’s why with the ‘Summer’ MV, they gave their audience something new and refreshing.

The music video dropped last Saturday and watching it makes me wanna head off to the province already! They shot the MV in such beautiful fields and by watching the scenes, it’s like you could actually feel the sun’s heat and the fresh air on your skin. The waterfalls scene with Nadine Lustre certainly makes you feel nostalgic. I feel like I could actually smell the salinity of the freshwater and hear it’s aggressive drops. The calm, the serenity, and of course, the beauty. It would instantly make each individual watching to think of a province that they love and want to go back to.

We’re used to JaDine making us kilig. But as they continue with their music, it seems like they are becoming more and more mature. Not only that, but they are really such a sexy couple! Without showing too much skin (Nadine was even just wearing a one-piece swimsuit), they are still so darn hot, there’s no justice! Overall, this MV is really worth the watch. Kudos to Nadine Lustre and James Reid for not only doing well in showbiz but as well as the music industry.

Add ‘Summer’ to your playlist asap!

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