SUD music video release alert! The band is having a special anniversary gig, and they’re also releasing the official music video of Sana Bumalik with it. The event happens tonight at 12 Monkeys, and we have all the details you need to know.

Before this SUD music video release, they also  released the lyric video of Sana Bumalik through Sindikato’s official YouTube around a month ago. And since then, we’ve totally been in love with the song; we’ve been eagerly waiting for its official music video. And the release of a teaser for it recently got us beyond excited! Watch it NOW:

Our favorite thing about it is that it looks like the sequel for SUD’s Sila music video. And we cannot wait what happens on the two leads’ next chapter!

Another thing we love about Sana Bumalik is what SUD wrote about it on the event’s Facebook page. The band talked about how they came up with the song, and said that they “dreamt about the title and the tune.” Wow, we wish we were that talented!

Jim Cuenco, the song’s songwriter further explained saying,

Wrote it down the next morning and wrote a song around the word “Sila”. Finished it in 2 or so days.

Contrary to popular belief, we’ve been playing this song live for 2 years without anyone feeling anything about it. It didn’t get big in 2016. It ONLY got big in 2016.

We’ve been a band for 7 years and the success wasn’t overnight for us. Empty bars, toiling for practice/studio money (and food), dreaming every single gig to make it big in the music scene. So you can’t imagine how grateful we are that this song got big. It was always our dream as kids to be able to write an anthem. And that happened without us realizing it. We’re thankful.

I guess it’s coz the song came from a pure place. A place of love and passion and everything in between. And now that i think about it, it’s a place we all need to go back to every now and then. Not clouded by any other thought other than to do something simply because it’s what you’re heart is telling you to do.

This song is a many million or so plays everywhere and i’m glad to know that back in 2014, we played it knowing that it’s a good song. Not because we knew it was gonna save our lives.”

Read it from the original post here.

So now, are you just as excited as we are? Do you want to be one of the first people in the world to experience SUD’s new music video? Come on down 12 Monkeys tonight! Be sure you’ll be there on or before at 9PM to enjoy the whole show ’cause you’ll also see SUD perform with the following bands.

Entrance is at Php 350.00, but if you come in before 9PM, door charge is only Php 300.00! So make sure you come early tonight at 12 Monkeys El Pueblo. #TellYourLover

The SUD music video release for Sana Bumalik is definitely something we’re looking forward to. We hope you’re just excited for this as we are!