Ambiguous yet eye-opening, Subdivision by Cheats dares to justify our pain of being left to dust. After all, it’s painful not to know anything why things had to end the way they ended.

As promised, Cheats released yesterday a new single called ‘Subdivision’. Known for their unique and misleading song titles, the 7-piece band takes it up a notch with their newest song. Even though it sounds a bit weird to have such a title, ‘Subdivision’ tells us the reality and the pain of being left in the dark.

Was there something that we couldn’t see
will I be the last to know
Or is it something that I should just keep
Then you were the first to go
No one will know

‘Subdivision’ took a bit influence of lo-fi aesthetics, having the beats and tempo relaxing as possible. But despite that, the guitar riffs and beat drops every now and then catch us off guard. Listening to it for the first time, the first thing you’ll notice is the music arrangement of the song. The lyrics tend to get lost in translation because of the ambiguity of meaning it carries. However, as you get to listen to it more, the lyrics and the message comes across, sinking in, not only to your mind but also to your heart.

A story we’ll never know

It expresses the emotions we feel when we’re left in the dark or worse, left hanging in a relationship. It wasn’t a full story to tell but more of a confrontation of the feelings we have as soon as we are left behind. The lyrics of the song, especially in the chorus begs to question the things we could have overlooked in a relationship. Asking where did everything go wrong.

But that’s not the painful part of the song. It’s how the words “No one will know” resonates and encapsulates our overall feeling. No matter how peaceful or chaotic the separation, if you’ve been kept in the dark, you’ll just wonder. And then at the end of the day, you’ll realize that you’ll never really know. And I think that’s how painful it can get. Not knowing a thing of how things ended up so bad. And realizing how the two of you were so subdivided by the lack of communication in the relationship.

If you’re feeling blue and wanted a bit of a kick even with the painful blues, then stream ‘Subdivision’ on Spotify!

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