Welsh rock band Stereophonics released their new single ‘”All In One Night” and announced “Scream Above The Sounds” as a follow up to their ninth album, “Keep the Village Alive.”

The 11-track album is set for release on November 3 under Stylus Records and Parlophone Records. It was produced by vocalist Kelly Jones along with Jim Lowe. The band also shared a music video for the single two days after its radio debut.

All In One Night

Stereophonics‘ new song channeled some good ol’ “Maybe Tomorrow feels, but more electronica infused like their 2007 album “Pull the Pin.”  The guitars and the drums are a web of sound that wraps around Jones’ raspy and chilling voice.

Lyrics-wise, “All in One Night” talks about a girl and a baby in her womb in which I felt that this is not Jones’ best work. Sure, the hooks are there and the melody is great… but, the thing that I loved most about them are the lyrics that would make you think twice about your life and the world.


Only takes one tree, to make a thousand matches.
Only takes one match, to burn a thousand trees.

While in this new single…

I meet the roommate getting some water.
She got a baby in her stomach.

See what I mean? It just feels shallow for me if you compare it to their past works.

Enter the music video that is dizzying and its literal story telling based on the song lyrics.  I honestly forgot the last time I saw a band did that.

Don’t Judge An Album By Its Single

Fret not though, Stereophonics fans, because it’s just a single and it doesn’t speak for the whole album. (Repeat until convinced.)

It’s not actually that bad and I love them still. It’s just the lyrics plays a big part for the band and how I came to know them. A Stereophonics’ song is a Stereophonics’ song and we just have to be thankful that they’re still making new music.

Well, I guess we just have to wait until November 3 to listen to the rest of “Scream Above the Sounds” that you can pre-order here.

‘Til then, see for yourself the music video below and tell us what you think.