With smooth transitions of slows and fasts, ‘Stay With Me’ by Carmen brushes through the torment caused by long-distance relationships!

Ah, distance. A common mite to relationships. Relationships can be really hard to deal with as it is, how much more if it’s long-distance? Being in a relationship with someone who’s one jeepney ride away, I still feel like we’re short of time because of work and other things, so I can just imagine how hard it must be for people not to be able to see each other no matter how badly they want to! You hardly can find the time to meet. And when you do, time seems to just slip away and before you know it, he/she would have to leave again. What a bummer! And you can really feel this frustration in the new song of Carmen called ‘Stay With Me’. It’s now out on Spotify!

Career vs. Love Life

We have been wondering about the inspiration behind the song since it was released, and we finally got answers! In an interview with Finite Fam, Carmen’s vocalist shared what the meaning of the song really is!

STAY WITH ME is a song about the tough realities of a long-distance relationship. What do you say to your loved one the night before they leave again? Is begging them to stay, enough… enough for them to sacrifice their career to stay with you?

Dino Butra, Vocalist – Carmen

Choosing between your career and being with the person you love can prove impossible at times. But with long-distance relationships, this is more often the case. In fact, this is the very reason why most people leave to be someplace far.

Stay With Me

‘Stay With Me’ is a narrative of how it looks and feels the night that the person you love has to leave again. It’s a moment where you’d be okay with anything as long as the person you love stays, although you know you don’t have a choice about it. Frustrating, yes! And you can definitely feel it by the way the song was written!

Do what you wanna do

But I want you to stay

Also, this song is Carmen’s third single this year, following their album called Taking Flight in 2018. And we must say, the band is really changing the game with the songs they are releasing. And we certainly couldn’t wait for their next release! Definitely listen to ‘Stay With Me’ on Spotify and add it to your playlist! It’s the perfect road trip music, don’t you agree?

Have you experienced long-distance relationships firsthand? How does it feel? And what did you think about Carmen’s ‘Stay With Me’? Let us know in the comment section below after you listen to it! You can also send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.