The perfect comeback track for one of the members of a historic girl group, Spring by Park Bom indulges fans with new music.

Former 2NE1 member Park Bom is back from her long hiatus since 2011. And now that she’s ready to conquer the stages once again, she releases her much-awaited solo single album with 3 tracks. Headlining and encapsulating her comeback is ‘Spring‘ which features her former 2NE1 co-member, Sandara Park.

‘Spring’ isn’t your typical Park Bom song. It wasn’t exactly a ballad or a club or dance anthem per se. But there’s this bop that keeps it catchy and upbeat while still being mellow on the side. The song is a perfect mix of chill and flair. Bom demonstrated her astonishing vocal talent that everyone has missed for the past couple of years. In the music video, you can still see her soulful and emotional eyes, which adds a touch of reality to her song. ‘Spring’ tells the story of how a person struggles in the early days of their life and wonder when their time will come. Just like Bom, like a sleeping flower ready to bloom, our Springtime will come and every hard work will pay off.

In addition to that, Sandara’s appearance and performance in ‘Spring’ is downright nostalgic. Seeing them perform and sing together really brings back memories. With Bom’s strong vocal range and Dara’s badass rapping gave ‘Spring’ that touch-up it needs. In regards to the visual, it was fresh and sophisticated. Bom looks like a spring goddess all throughout the video. As a comeback track, Bom shows us what she has to offer in the next coming months of 2019.

Apparently, Brave Brothers revealed that ‘Spring’ was originally written for 2NE1. Which begs the question, will we be seeing a 2NE1 reunion soon? ‘Spring’ became the means for Bom and Dara to see each other again and bond through their very first love: music. Some fans are even theorizing that Bom might be planning to have 2NE1 get together very soon.

So if you want to support Park Bom, you can listen to her on Spotify!

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