The Sponge Cola new music video for their new song ‘Phantoms’ finally dropped, and we love how it has a, shall we say, very imaginative video concept?

With 20 years in the Philippine music scene, rock band Sponge Cola never stops contributing hot tunes to the OPM scene. And as this band released their new song entitled ‘Phantoms’ September of 2018, it looks like they’re back at it again!

And when the new music video debuted on TV through MYX a month later, we cannot wait to share this hot new video with you! (You can check #MYXPremierePhantoms on Twitter too *wink*)

And without further ado, here’s Sponge Cola’s hottest new MV, ‘Phantoms’!

Behind the Song

The writer behind the ‘Phantoms’ is Sponge Cola’s guitarist Armo Armovit, and it’s actually his first time composing a song on his own. And the thing we really love about this is that the song also captures his growth.

The song, ‘Phantoms’ talks about change—of how one evolves, and develops. And despite the inevitable changes that an individual needs in order to renew themselves, ‘Phantoms’ also reminds you to not forget who you were and where you came from.

And as per the music fans online, the usual comment is that Sponge Cola’s new song is reminiscent to their first album. And much like the song itself, fans also noted that their music definitely evolved to a new level. True enough, Sponge Cola is living up to the message of this new track ‘Phantoms’.

We mean, of course their music evolved and developed over time. But their is still a sense of familiarity to their music that would take you back to their old songs. And its amazing how this goes back to what ‘Phantoms’ reminds its listeners—you shouldn’t stray too far from where you originally belonged to.

Behind the Scenes

DYK? This ‘Phantoms’ music video, captivating as it is, was only a one-day shoot at a studio. And this was because band members actually wanted to produce a simple video. Why? So that the listeners could truly be able to capture the message of their song.

You’d also notice how the boys performed their hearts out for this video, instead of full-on acting. And we think that’s also one of the reasons they got to produce a captivating music video shot in just a day.

Want to see more? Lead vocalist Yael Yuzon also posted on his Twitter account around a month ago, to show us a behind-the-scene clip for the music video.

And though band members claim that their music video is very simple, we beg to disagree. Because this new music video for ‘Phantoms’ is absolutely creative. Captivating song + ingenious music video concept = OPM is certainly alive! It definitely is no phantom.*wink*

Sponge Cola still an OPM favorite

Even with tons of fast-rising OPM bands, Sponge Cola still remains to be an all-time favorite band of Filipino music fans. And who wouldn’t be surprised when this band keeps on giving quality music, right?

From their hit songs ‘Jeepney,’ ‘Makapiling Ka’, and now with the ‘Phantoms’ music video release October 17—no wonder they are still highly prominent in the Philippine music scene! And to prove it, here are some of your posts about the MV.

Colorful screenshots of the MV captured by a fan!

We LOVE how each member looks like they’re the hero in a movie.

Sponge Cola impressing their fans once again

Post-processing what? Sponge Cola knows their stuff!

This band? #ASTIG

Add it to your playlist!

We’re sure you’d want to add this on your playlist, so we have the Spotify link for you right here too.

Overall, ‘Phantoms’ justifies how after 20 years, Sponge Cola continues to make their band’s name an all-time favorite in the Philippine music scene. We mean, not only do they produce amazing tunes, they also give quality and meaningful lyrics to their listeners. And we think that’s what keeps them relevant after two decades.

So how about you? What do you think of this Sponge Cola new music video ‘Phantoms’? Were you captured by the track as well? Or maybe Sponge Cola is one of your all-time favorite OPM bands, and you just love everything about ’em? Share it to us in the comments section below! Or better yet, send us a message on our Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh. We would love to hear from you!