Your newest go-to song for some good vibes, no doubt!

Sponge Cola rejoins Sony Music and releases a single under the label once again since their debut album Palabas.

The pop-rock band induces summer vibes into post-summer jam “Lumipas Ang Araw” released 2 days ago reigning in just the right amount of optimism we need right about now.


“Lumipas Ang Araw” is a love song set in the time of COVID where the internet is undoubtedly a blessing to lovers and friends in lockdown, yearning for the day when seeing each other is deemed safe by all measures. But until then, god bless the internet!

The melodies start off with a 70s Beach Boys vibe, painting the song in summer colors. The upbeat pop-rock notes come in and spring up in the chorus to get your head bangin’ away your problems and focusing on the good parts of life.

Music in the Time of COVID

During a virtual presser held on the same day as the song’s release, the band members talked about how recording in the pandemic was so different, with virtual file exchanges replacing actual studio jams. They also shared how the process was so foreign but was a much-needed learning experience for the members.

photo courtesy of Sony Music Philippines

The band also talked about how music and musicians, especially at this time, are an important tool to uplift society with their fans even shaping how this release was gonna sound ‘upbeat’ because as was requested for during an FB live they held prior to the recording when asked what kind of music the fans would want to hear.

Upcoming Music Video

Sponge Cola discloses that their music video aims to show the unique but also shared experiences of all the band members as well as the song’s fictional characters in the time of COVID, and how they navigate their normal selves and lives through the isolation and altered behaviors required in these times.

Tune in to the band’s Facebook page for the release of the official music video for “Lumipas Na Ang Tag-araw” set to be launched tomorrow, Saturday, August 1!

For now, check out their official lyric video or stream on all digital platforms out now and bop to the beat of “Lumipas Na Ang Tag-araw”!


What do you think of this new Sponge Cola song?

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