Somewhere in Between by D’Sound and Armi Millare is a reminder to each and every one of us that love is not a mere walk in the park.

Love songs have always shown us the beauty of romance. Either be it romantic relationships or platonic ones. More often than not, we’ve painted the illusion of a happy ever after. The beauty of a budding romance, the calming refuge of a stable relationship, you name it. We’ve seen love be painted in different ways. But behind all the beauty of love, we still find ourselves wondering where to put ourselves once challenges present themselves. And ‘Somewhere In Between’ pokes an unseen wound of how we think when things go bad.

Once more, homegrown UDD frontman Armi Millare teams up with Norwegian pop-jazz band D’Sound for another track. The ‘Tattooed On My Mind’ hitmakers had collaborated with Armi way back 2018 for ‘Lykkelig’. But the thing is, their collab this time had happened accidentally!

Accidentally or not, ‘Somewhere in Between’ is nothing but blissful despite the painful story. The cheeky synth overlays sublimely mislead us to thinking that it’s sensual. But the melodious harmony brings you back to where it wants you to be. It might be pulsing with vitality but the polyphonic textures highlight the lyrics.

To stay, to let go or to hang on in limbo

I know nobody comprehends

No, we’re not making any sense

Can’t we stop lying to ourselves?

The thought of holding on and never letting go seems to be really inviting. Because that’s how love is portrayed in our favorite love songs. That’s how we’ve dreamed of love. But behind the pretty facade, love can be confusing as well.

Some point in relationships, we find it tedious like work. Fights no longer get resolved, flaws no longer seem cute and it feels tiring. That’s when you find yourself wondering whether all sacrifices are worth it. You’d just question yourself whether to stay, let go or keep hanging on in a limboic state until you figure out what this love means.

No matter how D’Sound and Armi tried to hide it in a mesmerizing sound, you can’t deny how painful the reality Somewhere in Between reflects. So you better stream ‘Somewhere in Between’ by D’Sound and Armi Millare on Spotify!

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