Calein’s Someone MV is up and it might just break your heart!

O/C Records did it again! Giving us another amazing and very promising artists, Calein dropped the Someone MV for everyone to cry to.

Haven’t seen it yet? Check out the music video right here and make sure you have a box of tissue to accompany you.


‘Someone’ single and MV

‘Someone’ by Calein is a heartbreaking song that talks of how the person that you love has already found someone new. And if that doesn’t hurt you, then your heart is certainly hard as a rock.

Someone said you are happy now
You found someone to love
And me, I lost myself from loving you

What’s worse is that as seen in the MV, you had to endure watching them look at another person the way you look at them. But there’s really nothing you can do, right? The fight is over, he/she chose someone else and you simply have to let go.

You found, you found someone I know
You asked me if I’m ok
Yeah I will be

And of course, you are not alright. But that’s okay. Just keep in mind that one day, you’ll be fine and you’ll also find someone else to love just like they did.

The colors in the MV is actually aesthetically pleasing. Come to think of it, the colors that you can see are fun to look at. But that in no way lessens the pain of the song and its enactment of it. What’s also great about the music video is how it highlights the members of Calein themselves in this one.

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