Never mind the little drizzle and rain as you proclaim your love with ‘So It Seems’ by Cheenee Gonzalez feat. Asch!

Serving us a dose of wishful thinking, ‘So It Seems’ by Cheenee Gonzalez feat. Asch talks about falling in love like it’s the first time. It reminds how innocent love can be, no aggressiveness, no boldness, just pure innocent love.

Warner Music’s acoustic folk pop singer-songwriter Cheenee Gonzalez started out with a dream of making it to the big leagues of music. And now, after almost a year of no new music, she’s back with a new sound to start it off. And this time, she brings along the electro-synth outfit Asch to spice up her tunes.

Unlike her previous songs, ‘So It Seems’ tends to lean on a bossa nova bobbing tunes on top of her breathy, mellow voice. While she demonstrates how versatile her voice can be, it also shows that she has what it takes to experiment something new without compromising the overall quality of her song. As fashionable as it sounds, ‘So It Seems’ brings the tunes of jazz with a hint of samba on the side. It’s quite relaxing and chill, despite the upbeat energy it evokes. And it really goes well with the song’s narrative.

So It Seems

Back when we were young, we’ve fallen in love quite a number of times. And truth to be told, we’ve had our fair share of innocent love, if you ask me. Loving from afar and wondering how things would be without putting too much action. Just appreciating the person and loving them without looking for reciprocation. That seems unfair and one-sided. But sometimes, we just find ourselves not looking for that reciprocation. Not yet. We’d just have to find out if we’re meant to be or not. No pressure of anything, I guess.

Anyway, ‘So It Seems’ by Cheenee Gonzalez feat. Asch is perfect for this sweater weather! Either for a chill house party or a small get together, it can be your go to. So you better stream it on Spotify!

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