Reaping a successful year, Jello Reyes drops his first EP, Sleeve Note, a short yet meaningful one that only leaves you wanting more from him.

The passionate busker and singer-songwriter, Jello Reyes pursues another milestone before the year ends. This time he officially drops his EP, Sleeve Note. And living true to its name, he bares his inner thoughts to the world how and why his music came to be.

Sleeve Note poses itself as a short retelling of what Jello’s songs are all about. Like a footnote or a sleeve note in a book, it holds important anecdotes about it. In this case, it briefly details his inspirations and creative process. Not only that, but it also gives you a quick glimpse of who and what Jello Reyes is. Not only as a musician but also as a person. The 4-track EP might be a short stint but it’s nothing but a meaty release of poetic songs you can relate at a personal level.

Sleeve Note’s Discography

The songs in the EP are mostly the songs he’d sung countless times during gigs. And of course, those were never released. Not until today. Scar and Rosas have always been a crowd favorite. Both songs forge truths about love’s dark side. And weaves a daunting tale of pain, loss, and heartbreak. Sigaw follows the same theme. However, it ditches the usual emotional and empathic tone of Jello. Instead, he settles with an angsty one, showing another side of the busker.

Sleeve Note Jello OPM album

Among the tracks, Anna remains the black sheep of all. In a good way, so to speak. It doesn’t tell a story about love. But it depicts the unfair poor life of a young girl in the streets. a little bit dramatic but definitely an eyeopener on how unfair life can be. This is where Jello overextends himself, adding new elements to his sound. Somehow, Anna will remind you of a Gloc9 song. Vivid and strong storytelling with poetic lyricism that goes way beyond the norm.

Sleeve Note does not fall short of anything. In all honesty, it feels unpolished and raw. But those does not diminish the quality nor the essence of the songs. It only emphasizes the beauty of the music buskers creates. And of course, Jello’s personality as well. Indeed, a diamond in the rough.

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