Reimagining their sound, the album ‘Sinong Nagsabing Takot Ako Sa Dilim’ by Sleep Alley gears toward the future of alternative rock.

Sleep Alley reintroduces themselves with a reimagined sound. Less like a teenage alternative rock band, more like a seasoned icon. Indeed, it would be safe to say that ‘Sinong Nagsabing Takot Ako Sa Dilim’ brings out a talent worth displaying.

It’s been almost 3 years since the band started out. It might have been a slow journey for them, unlike their other peers who skyrocketed into a fruitful music career. However, it did not hinder them from pursuing their chosen path. With the wonderful reception they got from their EP, ‘A Lesson on Perspective‘, they managed to grab the attention of a lot of people. Including Yellow Room Music Philippines.

And now that they signed with Viva Records, they’re headstrong with showing how far they’ve grown. For this reason encapsulates the heart and soul of their new album, ‘Sinong Nagsabing Takot Ako Sa Dilim’.

Evolving into a better version

The 10-track album, ‘Sinong Nagsabing Takot Ako Sa Dilim’ features a few new songs and previous tracks of the band. However, they didn’t only include their previous songs in the album to make it longer. They did it because somehow, they made it sound new and better than they were before. At some point, you can call SNTASD their substantial makeover as they go through a new milestone in their career.

Sleep Alley circa 2018 sounded refined and sleek yet wild and turbulent. And frankly, just better than they’ve ever been before. The gang really barred their teeth, fearlessly showing off their skin in SNTASD and showing who they are and who they want to be.

Ala-ala‘ and ‘Desperado‘ are among the notable tracks they’ve revamped. As soon as both songs open, you’d find it familiar yet oddly new. While a few of their new tracks like ‘Makasarili‘ and ‘Dilim‘, burst with the new sound they have, melodic rock. Aside from the gritty and meaty guitar riffs, soaking percussions, they’ve added synth-action as well. Despite refining their old sound, they were able to retain the goofiness inherent in their fantastic interludes and overall instrumentals.

At 10 songs and 40 minutes, you got to hand it out to Sleep Alley for breathing a new sound that speaks for themselves. Be sure to support and stream the album ‘Sinong Nagsabing Takot Ako Sa Dilim’ by Sleep Alley on Spotify!

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