Question love and fall in love with the idea of self-love with the music video of Sino by UNIQUE!

As majestic as UNIQUE’s hair, the official music video of ‘Sino’ brings us a brand new aesthetic to OPM. Certainly, UNIQUE never fails to show his artistic side in both music and art itself. Not to mention, the song alone screams with personality and deep overtones.

Sino ang mag-aakalang mahal kita
Sino ang maglalahad ng nadarama

Bakit hindi alam kung bakit
Laging sa akin lumalapit
Kahit minsan ako’y nagkulang

Even back with IV of Spades, UNIQUE has some immense aesthetics that everyone has fallen in love with. And kudos to Kean Cipriano for maintaining it the same way, without falter. The music video of Sino is an ethereal take on how our solitary self paves its way to questioning love; the good the bad and everything else in between. It’s black and white aesthetic instills what love can be; black and white. Despite knowing the feeling of love, we technically don’t know what love is when we face it head-on.

Two Sides of the Coin

To be honest, ‘Sino’ can be ambiguous. The music video suggests solidarity of a person when pursuing love. All throughout the music video, we can see UNIQUE singing the song in different locations, with him just being himself. And nothing more. To some, it might seem simple and mundane, but the song goes deep from that perspective. Instead of telling a story using other people, the music video highlights UNIQUE himself. The whole time, he sings about his questions about love and someone he loves. Particularly his confusion about being in love himself and wondering what love is.

It’s a typical feeling, falling in love and not knowing what to expect. However, even in the midst of confusion, we still find ourselves falling into unrequited love. It might seem like a self-love song, describing our confusion on what self-love entails. We have our own insecurities about ourselves and it factors out in every relationship. And that makes us question the integrity of someone’s love for us. That alone is confusing enough.

As confusing and ambiguous as it sounds, ‘Sino’ is a self-discovery song for anyone. Either you are exploring yourself or testing the waters of love, Sino is the best joyride song for a tranquil journey.

You can listen to ‘Sino’ by Unique on Spotify, too!

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