This MV is gonna remind you of Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch.

Singapore-based artist ‘jaye’ dropped his genre-bending single, ‘ADHD,’ on July 31. A-D-H-D stands for Attention, Depression, Hit, and Dip– which is basically a cycle that the artist underwent as a hustling DJ. Today, he releases the track’s official MV and it turns out to be much more than a typical video.

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Choose your adventure

Much like Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch which allows its audience to control the narrative, jaye immerses his viewers into an interactive music video in which they get to choose their own adventure from four options (Attention – Depression – Hit – Dip). Along the way, they will be virtually traversing a series of horror-like scenarios, presumably inspired by jaye’s past experiences. The interactive element kicks off at the end of the first chapter (Ascend and Descend), and from there, audiences will be in control of the story. Or at least, that what they’re made to believe. 

The music video is a postmodern, psychedelic cyberpunk with video game elements. It visually represents the hardships brought by the ADHD cycle, as well as jaye’s realization that the ‘party life’ he used to pursue merely gave him temporary highs and even ruined his mental health in the long run. 

Additionally, jaye will be releasing an 8-bit 2D filter game called HIT on Instagram. Through blinking, users will be shooting oncoming enemies with lasers while listening to the ‘Hit’ section of the ADHD track. Prizes await fans who will get high scores.

jaye’s ‘ADHD‘ arrives after the success of previous singles ‘TOMORROW’ and ‘DEJAVU,’ both of which received over half a million Youtube views after just a month.

Watch ADHD here.


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