Letting go is the hardest part. Definitely the hardest and the most painful part of every relationship. And Simula Hanggang Huli Music Video by Hale intensifies that pain. Better grab some tissues, y’all!

If you just got out of a relationship or fell out of a friendship, then this is definitely your music blues. Simula Hanggang Huli music video by Hale just dropped in and we are in tears.

Check out ‘Simula Hanggang Ngayon’ MV by Hale and let your heart rip at the seams!

It’s painful to watch!

The song itself was bad for the heart and the music video added fuel to the fire. Hale surely knows the way to a broken heart. And even if you’re not going through such, it still has the power to tear you apart!

‘Simula Hanggang Huli’ music video shows different kinds of relationships an individual experiences in his/her life. Be it romantic love, platonic, unconditional or marital love, the pain of letting go at one point is harder than it looks.

In the music video, you can see the people, at some certain points in their lives, trying to let go and move on. There’s this guy packing up his childhood video games. There’s this little girl who lost her pet. A girl was probably reminiscing about her ex-boyfriend. And a guy who just left her wife.

Noon hanggang ngayon
Lumipas man ang panahon
Hanggang maging tama ang mali
Ako’y sayo simula hanggang huli

It’s that moment when you thought that everything is going to last till the end. But it doesn’t. And it sucks. It freaking hurts! We have to let go of things that we thought are constant in our lives. It hurts but we have to.

You’ll love it and you’ll hate it at the same time. But it works for us. Sing as you will. You can relate to it whenever your rainy days come.

Want to reminisce the worst painful experience of losing someone in life? Add ‘Simula Hanggang Huli’ to your Spotify now!

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