When you thought that ‘Buwan’ by Juan Karlos can’t get any better, he then proves you wrong with a kundiman version perfect for cool, harana nights.

Juan Karlos turns his cutting-edge hit song into a rare kundiman gem. And as much as we love the original, the new version delivers an invigorating sound. Truly a work of art that just gets better in heavy rotation.

The whole aesthetic of Juan Karlos is summed up in one word. Edgy. In terms of sound, lyricism, and visuals. It has been one of the key factors that make them stand out among the rest. We’ve seen him display his versatile vocal skills in The Voice Kids before. But in his professional career, it was bold of him to make a unique version of his hit song, ‘Buwan’.

A kundiman is the traditional Filipino genre of love songs. It features smooth flowing and dramatic melodies that blend with poetic lyrics. Even though it’s an authentic Filipino genre, it became left out for some reasons. Musicians made their love songs edgier by using other genres that had more punch. But despite that, kundiman became the base of our favorite ballads and love songs of today. And somehow, making Buwan a kundiman was a great choice.

Mature yet playful kundiman

Buwan‘ by Juan Karlos shows off a great lyricism, to start with. It’s enigmatic and poetic. It has a crisp story, bundled in a strong and gritty instrumental accompaniment. But the kundiman version made it come back to its roots. The slow tempo and gentle harmony of a traditional Filipino serenade.

Ditching the strong percussion in the new version was one thing. But the tinge of reggae present was another. Despite being a kundiman or sounding like a kundiman, the tiny bit of reggae added that missing flair. The transposing of the note a level lower worked as well. It might just be a different rendition but it compares to the original, a few levels higher.

This only proves that Juan Karlos is far more versatile than we know he is. Be sure to stream the kundiman version of Buwan by Juan Karlos on Spotify!

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