LATEST DROP: She’s Dangerous by LaLuna

She’s Dangerous by LaLuna dropped like its hot. And I’m telling you, you should all watch out for the boys of LaLuna!

Finally! LaLuna released a single for the first time on Spotify! Midnight of January 21, this rising band contributed to making 2019 a wonderful year. And I’m telling you, stop sleeping on this band because they are surely promising.

She’s Dangerous by LaLuna is their first song out! Before its release, the band has been teasing everyone with this good surprise. And boy, was it an amazing addition to an already wonderful January.

Love going to gigs? Then you must have heard LaLuna perform already! It’s a four-piece band composed of Reason Fortun (lead vocals/rhythm guitars), Joshua Angeles (bass guitars), Lorenzo Zavalla (second vocals/lead guitars), and Joshua Docena (drums/percussion).

‘She’s Dangerous’

This hot song just made it to my playlist! And I’m sure that after you give it a listen, you’ll add it to yours too!

She moves with a flare in her eyes, across the room she bites her lips

She moves like a snake in the night, under the sheets she takes a sip

Ever got captivated by a girl so much there’s no way of averting your gaze? Most of us experienced that at one point in our lives whether towards a guy or a girl. Sometimes the pull is so strong it feels like you’ve sniffed some sort of love potion when they first walked pass by you.

But don’t be confident enough, she’s a demon disguised as love

But don’t get too attached, she’s gonna rip your heart in five

Getting to meet someone who just seems so perfect and you can’t help but be so attracted can be overwhelming. And really, isn’t she just too good to be true? However, despite the warnings from the others and all the red flags, you can’t help but be lured to the danger.

She’ll play tricks with you until you give it all up

Then run after you

There are these common instances when falling for the bad boy or the bad girl has its really strong pull. Some are just really attracted to the danger and thrill that it can give. But ‘She’s Dangerous’ by LaLuna is a reminder to be careful. It’s fun and exciting, but the aftermath can be brutal. Cos yup, she’s dangerous but “it’s better to be safe than sorry”!

Listen to ‘She’s Dangerous’ on Spotify now!

What do you think of this first release entitled She’s Dangerous by LaLuna? Excited about what’s next for them? Me too! Tell us what you think about this rising band and their single in the comment section below. You can also send us a message on our  Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to know what you think!

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