A wonderful visual representation and meaningful concept in a 5-minute video. That’s the Secrets music video of Nikki Nava!

The Secrets music video of Nikki Nava was released last Wednesday, January 9. Visually pleasing and heartwarming, this MV actually shocked me.

Watch the music video and rest assured, you’d thank me for it!

As a teenager, Nikki Nava writes songs as a form of catharsis—to have a release. Eventually, it molded her to push through with her found love in music.

The ‘Secrets’

Ahhh secrets, everybody has more than one, don’t you agree? When we fall in love or get close to someone, we just want to know everything about them. Their likes and dislikes. Their entire life story, how it molded them to become who they are now. And of course, their secrets. The ones that they hide in a box somewhere that no one could find. For them to open that box for you means you’re different from the other people in their lives. It means they want to become naked with you no matter what secrets those may be.

Getting to know someone is such a beautiful thing. It’s like opening a wrapped present, trying a new flavor from your favorite ice cream store, and getting to watch a new film. The wonders and discoveries lie so much in one person, and it makes you intensely wanna open up that treasure chest. Especially if they mean to you in a special way.

You eventually get to know more about them, little things that make up who they are. You form the puzzle piece little by little but of course, you delve deeper. You mine the uncharted cave trying to discover some hidden golds. But one thing about secrets, sometimes they must be kept just a secret. There are tendencies wherein we dig so much, and the truth hurts us. That’s what the single ‘Secrets’ is all about.

The music video

The ‘Secrets’ music video is very nice to watch. It’s very pleasing in the eyes and the rotoscoping is amazing! Rotoscope is an animation technique that traces over motion picture footage, frame by frame, to create cartoon animation. It’s beautiful and you can really see how the production of music video came from hard work.

We witness a budding relationship. The happiness, innocence, and simplicity of beginnings where you just spend time getting to know each other. The start is always the best part, isn’t it? Because in the first few chapters, everything is just so amazingly good. But of course, there’s the harsh reality where that kind of stuff doesn’t last, especially when secrets of any form unveil and it just doesn’t work out. In the end, it’s just a matter of whether or not you’re gonna walk away or stay and fight for it.

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