The MV for ‘Alab (Burning)’ is out and SB19 is burning like fire!

After their phenomenal hit “Go Up”, SB19 is once again engulfing us in flames with this dance single “Alab (Burning)”!

SB19 is taking the Philippines by storm and the new MV for their latest single will surely set that in stone. As the “Alab (Burning)” MV was released today, we can’t help but clap in awe as the talented boys passionately perform on our screens!

Before 2019 ended, SB19 gave us this awesome gift titled “Alab”. It was a great tactic really, because it made us look forward all the more to 2020. And now that we are in the first month of the new year, we just want to happily jump up and down with all these gems SB19 is giving us. Because after their viral success with “Go Up“, we had big expectations for SB19 and damn, they seem to really never disappoint!

Now, the MV for “Alab” is out and to tell you honestly, we are internally crying from this overwhelming love we feel for Sejun, Stell, Ken, Josh and Justin. They are just really amazing.

Get in the zone and watch the MV with us

If we can subtly flex, we had the opportunity to watch the P-pop group perform “Alab” live in their nationwide concert’s Manila leg. Of course, we were thrilled as hell to see it unveiling in front of us–especially their incredible dance steps. And to be frank, you can never really compare the artists live to just watching the group perform through their music video.

However in SB19‘s case, we were still screeching as hell while waiting for the music video. And now, it is here. Watch the music video for “Alab (Burning)” by SB19 below with us and we hope you appreciate it in all its glory.

Hnggg, they are just so amazing, right? If you are an A’TIN, we know that you might have made all these weird noises when the MV went on premiere–because we did. We screamed differently each time we saw one of them appeared in the video and… that’s when we knew there was no escaping this SB19 rabbit hole.

However, if there’s another thing that we have greatly noticed from the new MV was that their sets have upgraded. From “Go Up” MVs simple rooftop and indoor shots, “Alab” MV transcends with these simple yet wonderful color-themed sets. For Justin, it was green; Sejun, purple; Stell, yellow; Ken, black; and for Josh, red. And when they appeared as a group, there was the ‘wet’ set, the ‘colorful blocks’ set, and the plain-walled set.

By the end of the video though, we understood more about the concept of the colors. It was to make us all choose among all five as the question “What color is your love?” appeared. Jokes on you SB19 though, you were all great and we love everything from the MV, so we choose all of you!

How about you though? What do you think of the music video of “Alab (Burning)”? Also, to ask the question from the music video ourselves, what color is your love? Let us know your answers or thoughts by sharing them through the comments below! Or just simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter account, @udouph.

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