Sayo by FourPlay is FINALLY out… But not only that, it’s part of the ‘Jowable’ movie official soundtrack!

I can’t stress enough how long I’ve been waiting for this song by FourPlay to come out. Besides their very sweet and romantic song ‘Best Of Me’, ‘Sayo’ has gotta be my next favorite! And now, not only is it released, but it’s part of the ‘Jowable’ movie OST!

Jowable‘ is a movie starring Kim Molina, the same remarkable actress in ‘Momol Nights’. A film that I’m sure a lot of single peeps out there could relate to. Like, “jowable” ka naman, but you cannot seem to brush elbows with the person you’re meant to spend your entire life with. Hilarious and spot-on relatable, it is definitely a movie that a single person like me is excited to see! But to put a cherry on top, ‘Sayo’ by FourPlay will be a part of it!

Sayo by FourPlay

Talk about pain, pain, and more pain. True enough, FourPlay writes songs about ‘Love, Hate, and Everything in Between‘. But every time I listen to ‘Sayo’ during their gigs or through their EP, I just wonder if all they wanna do is break my heart. That’s why it was even added to my Micdrop vlog of Hugot Songs of 2019!

Masakit man ito mas pinilit ko ang lumayo

Para sa’yo

It really hurts, you see. Feeling the need to just distance yourself away from the person that means a lot to you. Because even if you don’t want to and it’ll be brutal for you, what matters is what’s best for them.

Masakit man ito mas pinilit ko ang lumayo

Tanggapin man ako magkaibigan lang pala tayo

Para sayo

And no matter what you do—stay or go, nothing can change the fact that whatever special “relationship” you share, in the end, you’re nothing more than friends. Everything that you had and have will be lost into that one word composed of seven letters because that’s all there is. Friends.

Di ba’t ikaw

Ang nagsabing di ka mawawala?

Still, even though they told you before they are not going anywhere and that no matter what happens between you two, they’d still be one call away whenever you need them. But we all know that’s not true once a relationship—in whatever complicated form—is stained. You always tend to lose that person who said they are not going anywhere.

Painfulness aside! I can’t wait to see what scene I’ll be hearing ‘Sayo’ by FourPlay when I watch ‘Jowable’ on September 25! Meanwhile, stream it on Spotify now and add it to your #hugot playlist!

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What do you think of Sayo by FourPlay? Did the song remind you of a painful romance? Are you excited to see the ‘Jowable’ movie? Tell us by commenting down below or sending us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to hear from you!