Kuatro Kantos just released their first single ‘Sayang Lang’ on Spotify and it is a big slap in the face! Check it out right here!

‘Sayang Lang’ is the very first released single by the four-member OPM band Kuatro Kantos. From the title, I thought the song was going to be about the singer’s love going to waste but it turns out I was wrong. Abandon all hope! This is not going to be a sweet love song.

Kuatro Kantos

Kuatro Kantos has 4 founding members: Gerald Gacias (Vocals/Guitar), Julius Mangubat (Lead Guitar), Marlon Salvador (Drums) and Dave Osias (Bass). In “Sayang Lang”, the band used a deceptively upbeat tone to deliver a message that would otherwise be heart shattering to whoever the unlucky girl was who became the inspiration for this song.

‘Sayang Lang’ by Kuatro Kantos

The song has two verses in which the singer tried to highlight his and the girl’s incompatibility, and he couldn’t beat around the bush about it anymore.

I don’t like you…

… is basically what the singer was trying to tell the person he was talking to in the song.  I think we all have been on the receiving end of unrequited love, and you just can’t force yourself to like someone if you don’t!

Ayoko nga sayo

Hindi kita gusto

Mali ang iniisip mo

It’s pretty raw and straightforward to its meaning. The song lacked the unnecessary use of figurative language, and I think it’s because the more the guy in the song tries to break it the girl gently, the more she doesn’t understand. Sometimes there is no other way but to say it but frankly! But if I was this girl he was singing to, I’d be in pieces, I mean, that first line though! Too blunt? I don’t think so. But the stabs to the chest don’t end there!

Sayang lang ang oras mo
Hindi ikaw ang tipo ko
‘Kapanghinayang lang ang oras mo
The guy is actually saying things as it is. No matter how the girl tries, if he’s not into her then all of it would just end up in vain (ouch!) Somehow we see that even when letting her down he’s still thinking of her sake. It’s always better to be honest right from the beginning than to waste somebody else’s time and effort, right?
This song is surely gonna break a lot of hearts, but I guess we can all agree that there is enough false hope and wishful thinking going around. Add ‘Sayang Lang’ to your playlist now!

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