This is not a drill. Satisfaction MV by Zayn is finally out! And I’m telling you, it’s very satisfying!

The Satisfaction MV dropped midnight of January 10 and everyone is going crazy! Who wouldn’t if its Zayn‘s single, right? And if you haven’t seen it yet, you better do. Because this music video is beautifully different.

Watch the official MV right here now!

‘Satisfaction’ is in Zayn’s second album called the ‘Icarus Falls’. A heartbreaking ballad about love and loss. But the music video showcased the song in a different light. Instead of the usual story about the difficulties and trials that accompanies love, in the 4-minute music video directed by Bouha Kazm, it goes even deeper.

‘Satisfaction’ MV

“Until the flower of this love has blossomed, this heart won’t be at peace” is the opening quote of the music video, which was from Zayn’s track in 2016 entitled ‘Intermission: fLoWer’.

Zayn’s ‘Satisfaction’ music video shows a beautiful romance and how it is stained by a war.

There are those lucky enough to find a love that just fits. And everything is perfect and good but life gets in the way of that happiness. In the case of the lovers in the MV, their obstacle was the war—life in a very cruel form. And you know what they say, right? Life makes love hard.

‘Cause I can’t, you can’t, we can’t get no
All in my zone, all in my space
Life is always in the way
The MV really took a different turn than what I expected it to be. The pain that was induced was strong and powerful. The hardships that they had to go through matches with the sentiments of the song, making it even more beautiful than it already is.


Not only that, but Director Bouha Kazm truly wove together a masterpiece. The story in the MV is not the only thing beautiful. Showing the simplicity of life and executing great details to showcase culture is evident in ‘Satisfaction’.

A very beautiful story and such an amazing production. ‘Satisfaction’ MV truly deserves two thumbs up. All throughout the music video, my eyes were glued to the screen in awe and in wonder. Such goosebumps until the last scene!

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