Presenting us with odes to the beautiful yet hard task of parenthood, Sasaya released back-to-back singles that are sure to tug at our heartstrings!

Back-to-back singles, alright! When people do this, our expectations are usually that one would be awesome and then the other would pale in comparison. Well, not this time! Sasaya made sure we get our daily fix of emotional and spiritual release with ‘Musmos’ and ‘AlleluYHWH’!


That’s a pretty optimistic way to name a band. “Sasaya.” It somehow reminds us that no matter how rough the times are now, good days are always gonna come. But who is Sasaya?

Sasaya is an experimental folk band with a unique blend of folk, gospel, pop, and spoken word. It is composed of 6 members: Cyrus Valdez and Coco Cordero on vocals, Josiah Matias on drums, Jezi Matias and Jonathan Mendoza on guitars, and Jazmier Mirza on bass. Tackling topics about love, faith, and life, they connect to their audience in a way that no other band has done before! And we’re sure these two songs they released will prove it!


Sumandal sa aking dibdib

nang ika’y makaidlip

Tandaan na lagi kang nasa puso’t isip

With its beautiful lyricism, ‘Musmos’ is an absolute tear-jerker. It presents the imagery in spoken verses and takes us into reminiscing our younger days when we always had our parents holding us. A journey that soon progressed into teaching us how to stand on our own feet and be strong. We wish that our parents’ grip on us would never loosen, and we wish they’re still there every step of the way. But there will come a time that they will need us to take care of them as they did to us when we were young.

Honestly, that last verse will make you cry instantly! And they even added a bonus parental advice towards the end for those of us who need to hear it.


We can already notice that it’s a great and playful wordplay on the words “Alleluya” and “YHWH” or Yahweh. Taking on a more religious road, this one is full of all the great vocals and instrumentation you need. Seriously, how good are these people? This gospel-themed song may be all you need to start and end your day right!

Whether you’re having a bad day or just in need of inspiration, we recommend listening to Sasaya’s songs!

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