There’s no stopping us from achieving our dreams. Sasamahan Kita by Quest sparks the fire within us with another fight song that will inspire you to keep pursuing your dreams.

Just before the graduation season ends, Quest releases his new single, ‘Sasamahan Kita’. As expected, Quest shows off his amazing songwriting skills, easily touching hearts with his new song. At the same time, he takes us back to the memory lane of being young dreamers before and how we’ve strived hard towards where we are now.

Quest shifts his gears unto a brighter future with ‘Sasamahan Kita’. Even though he writes love songs that leave your heart aching, he still takes a quick detour with inspiring songs. And like his previous tracks, ‘Sasamahan Kita’ taps not only our hearts but also our souls. The lyrics of the song are simple, straightforward yet packs a punch. Truth to be told, despite the simplicity of the lyrics, nothing beats the connection it makes.

The story of our lives

Buksan ang kinabukasan

Tuklasin ang kayamanan 

Ng pusong nangangarap

Bawat hakbang patungo sa pangarap

We’ve all been a young dreamer once. Even though it seems like it’s supposedly for the graduates of this school year, it takes us back to the memory lane. How we struggled to finish college despite all hardships in life. And how hard we have to make things happen with our own efforts. Realizing dreams isn’t an easy feat. Especially in a country like ours. It takes guts and a whole lot of effort to make things happen. You have to be strong and brave to venture the harsh reality of life. That for us who aren’t born with a golden spoon in our mouths, things could get hard. And we’ll have to take charge of our lives. Wisely and diligently.

Aside from that, it tells us that there will be people supporting us even at our lowest. Our journey might be ours but there will be people who we can count on along the way. Even with the world against us, we have our family, our friends and love ones to support us all the way. And I think that’s beautiful. No matter how hard it becomes, even if we stray for a bit, we know that there will be people who can guide us back and help us achieve our goals.

Even the music video is downright relatable. No doubt, seeing the smiles of the students featured tugs our heartstrings. How hopeful and doe-eyed they look reminds me of how we were before. Indeed, it was nice seeing the future generation peruse life with their own goal up ahead. Especially those kids who worked on the side just to finish their studies. That’s not an easy feat, juggling work and studies at the same time. But everyone deserves to be commended. They’ve truly put themselves out there and are a few steps ahead towards their very own definition of success.

And if you found ‘Sasamahan Kita’ by Quest inspiring, then you better stream it on Spotify!

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