Have you ever felt like going crazy over someone? Lola Amour can relate! And now they have released a song about it so we can relate. ‘Sanity’ by Lola Amour drives us insane with sick wordplay! Here’s why!

Lola Amour had just released their latest single called ‘Sanity’ but it’s already taking the music scene by storm! Not to be surprised, though, the fans have already been waiting for a studio version of this song. This is a song that the band plays live in gigs. And now they have released a studio version! Fret not, you can watch it right here!

This is definitely one song you shout along with, especially when you watch it live!

Lola Amour

Celebrating their classic, funk-rock roots, Lola Amour has been active for quite a while now. They have released an EP called ‘Don’t Look Back’ through which they graced us with some of our favorite Lola Amour singles. The indie-rock band was popular for winning the 2016 Wanderband. With that talent and the right mindset, there’s no surprise that they won the battle.

Lola Amour is Pio Dumayas on lead vocals, Martin Kim on background vocals and keyboards, Raymond King on background vocals and bass, Zoe Gonzales on guitar, Angelo Mesina on trumpets, Joxx Perez on the sax, and Renzo Santos on drums. And there is no denying the chemistry that there is between the members of the band and how good they sound playing together. The band also utilizes the uniqueness of their use of wind instruments which gives their music a whole lot of extra oomph, along with their amazing backup vocals.


‘Sanity’ is the band’s second single apart from their EP. Deviating from their usually chill tunes, this song communicates angst over not being free. In the lyrics, the singer can be heard asking the woman why she wouldn’t set him free. Confused, the singer asks the woman what else she wants him to do, and that he’s about to lose his sanity over it. I think that the way the woman is not letting go of the singer here is not physically. The singer doesn’t literally mean that the woman is not setting him free, but instead, it is him who couldn’t set himself free from the woman’s memories even though he knows that she is gone.

The wordplay was insane, too! The chorus part is where it gets really hard to follow, but once you get familiarized with the lyrics, it’s the part that’s the most fun to sing along with. Stream it now and keep your ears peeled to that part!

What a clever way to create a song, wouldn’t you agree? What did you think about ‘Sanity’? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.