“Gagi ang sakit!” That’s what we literally thought when we watched the new music video for End Street’s ‘Sandali Lang’.

Last September, we have reacted to End Street’s latest drop, Sandali Lang. Along with that, we went deep to try to understand the song and the meaning behind it. If you haven’t read what we thought of the song yet, click to read that article here.

We can’t deny that the angst and emotions evoked by the song were really intense. It was the type of song wherein you would be forced to clutch your fist to your chest and feel the pain that they were trying to share. Like what the hell, End Street, that hurts.

But that’s not all. If you think that they would stop there, they didn’t. Because recently, they released the music video for their song and we just want to say, “sandali lang, End Street!” Sobrang sakit.

Honestly, even though you’re not brokenhearted, you would still feel brokenhearted. Want to know why?

Watch the music video for Sandali Lang by End Street below.

Simple visuals but extreme message

The set for Sandali Lang‘s music video is simple – a makeshift photo booth. We could only see curtains in the background as people come and go into the booth. First, we see the couple that the whole music video is going to revolve on. Second, we see the members comprising End Street.

End Street

The music video starts with the couple posing for their photos in their college uniforms. We then see polaroid snaps with captions such as First date!!” and Happy Monthsary, Bebe”. These make us reminisce about all the couple photos usually taken in Timezone that we see uploaded online.

End Street Sandali Lang

Clearly, these photos were meant to show and tell the different milestones that the couple experienced. This went on to show them celebrate the girl’s 21st birthday, her winning the 1st place for a certain competition, the guy’s graduation, and so on.

For the first few scenes, they looked really happy with each other. However, we see the girl slowly losing her smile as she ranks down with her achievements and the guy celebrates some of his own. Was she envious of his accomplishments? Was she feeling left behind?

We won’t actually know the answer though because what happens behind the scenes aren’t really seen. We just see a glimpse by how they interact with each other as they take their photos inside the booth.

The end of the line and the start of another

Sandali Lang music video

Here comes the really painful part, when we see the couple breakup. In fact they were supposed to celebrate their sixth year anniversary, but we see the girl walking away from the guy and probably their relationship. Because, what follows after that are individual shots as they move on with their own lives.

Honestly, the most striking part of the whole thing was how we see the guy try to cope with the breakup. We can see his genuine facial expressions as he try to feign that he’s okay and that he’s moving on. It was also at those moments that the music video is at its strongest and saddest.

End Street Sandali Lang music video guy

As the music video is ending, we see the girl move on with another man, even taking pictures with him too at the photo booth. She declares that her heart is full, and we eventually get the information that they’re engaged and traveling to another country.

However, before they move out of the frame, the girl showed a subtle expression hinting about something. Perhaps she was missing her ex? Maybe, she was remembering the times they spent their accomplishments together? Tbh, we are not really sure.

The video ends with a statement as our main guy shows a defeated expression. This time, it looks like he’s the one who was left behindOuch.

Life and love

Through the music video, we assume that the couple must have had some issues regarding their lives.

There were instances where we see the guy shake his head at the idea of the girl’s tattoo, and we thought that he may be controlling. In the moments where the girl feigned happiness for the guy’s achievements, we see her reluctance to actually celebrate it with him. They may have had issues of competitiveness, or perhaps the girl just really felt stuck with him.

Honestly though right now, we are just thinking of different theories to why the girl decided to finish things off. However whatever it may be, as the song says, she should’ve given him a chance to fix things in their relationship.

End Street Sandali Lang music video

Sandali lang, ang sakit! Kayo ba? What do you think of this music video? Share with us your thoughts through the comments below! Or hit us hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter.