On the verge of a breakup, End Street says ‘Sandali Lang’ is all you need.

This year was a crazy ride for pop-punk band End Street. Aside from the changes in the lineup—with former bassist Symoun Durias now on vocals, Aljohn Abelido on guitars, Mycoh Arjona on drums, and newest member Carlo Cabarello on guitars – the band has also dropped several singles along the way. ‘Sandali Lang’ is their recent release and their fourth single—which is also their first Tagalog song!

Listen with us as we dive deeper to understand the message of the song.

With a strong guitar introduction to the song, we immediately feel the strong emotions it is conveying. It is about the feeling of hurt, betrayal, and anger.  This is often felt by lovers caught up in a quarrel, which the song describes.

In relationships, there often comes a moment wherein the pair needs to decide whether to stay with each other or to call it quits. In ‘Sandali Lang’, the singer begs his lover to give him a moment to fix things. However, this doesn’t go on consistently as he also says to finish the relationship instead if the other person already has another lover.

The song comes off as really aggressive, especially seen in the lines of:

“Aminin mo na hindi ka mag isa, sabihin mo ano nga ba ang lasa niya? Nakakadiri ba? Nakakadiri ka!”

“Ang pinagsisisihan ko, nagpa-uto ako sa’yo! Sa isusunod mo na biktima sana na lang ay malasin ka!”

Although we really don’t know the circumstances of the couple in the song, we can assume that their relationship is really toxic. Maybe the real message of the song is that sandali moments are not enough to fix big problems. Accumulation of unsolved disagreements, the lack of trust – this is the formula for a breakup. We think it was also the formula for End Street’s ‘Sandali Lang.’

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