Say what you feel before its too late—PusaKalye’s newest single is a reminder that tomorrow is never promised. Listen to ‘Sandali’ now!

PusaKalye ends the brutally long month by releasing a new single entitled ‘Sandali’! And based on the feedback we’ve been seeing from you guys all day, it’s obvious that this song tugged at your heartstrings as well.

Check out the lyric video right HERE:

PusaKalye is a 6-piece band known for giving us heartbreaking songs like ‘Kapit Pa‘ and amazing bops such as ‘Ang Ating Alaala‘. Kickstarting the year, they finally released ‘Sandali’! And if you frequently go to their gigs, then this song probably already broke your heart before.

Sandali by PusaKalye

Art by Tatie Aquino

Sandali lang

‘Di ko maamin

Ang nararamdanan

‘Sandali’ by PusaKalye basically speaks of how you can’t utter what you’re feeling towards the person, so you opt to make them feel it through your actions.

‘Di na kailangan magsalita

Yayakapin na lang kita

At sa atin ang gabi

At sa atin ang bawat

Pushing someone to tell them how they actually feel for a person is easier said than done, we all know that. It’s easier to leave some things unsaid because we are afraid of what will happen if we do so. But we must always remember that it’s better off taking a risk despite the consequences than to live your life always asking “What if?”.

Tomorrow is never promised

If you think about it, ‘Sandali’ by PusaKalye couldn’t come out of digital platforms on a much better time. This song is actually very timely in light of the tragedies that have been happening in the first month of the year. It’s not merely about confessing to someone that you’re in love with them. It is also about letting the people in your life know how grateful you are for them—your family, friends, and whoever means to you.

Tomorrow is never promised.

You’ll never know when you’d last see the people that matter in your life. We all don’t have a clue if we could still see and hug them after today. The bad things happening lately should serve as a reminder for each and every one of us that we shouldn’t take advantage of the time we have.

Love more! Say what you feel while you can. Confront the things that are bothering you, forgive and apologize. And of course, take a leap.

I hope ‘Sandali’ by PusaKalye made you realize some things. Don’t waste your time, live courageously. Stream this new single on Spotify now!

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