It’s never too late to rock. Play All Day proves this as they release the official music video for ‘Salungatan’!

Play All Day just released the official music video for their latest single called ‘Salungatan’ and it’s getting us frustrated, sick, and tired of the bickering, too! We swear the song is perfect to make you want to make up with you SO. You can watch the MV right here!


Play All Day

Play All Day is composed of Joms on drums, Matt on lead guitar, Niel on bass, Sam on guitar and Robert on vocals. Yes, they talk about themselves in first name format, don’t ask us why. There’s no need to be so formal around here!

The band’s history is one of forgetting music but still returning to it. Joms and Matt have loved playing since they were kids but kinda lost hold of it when they graduated and got their jobs, but quickly got back to it and recruited the other members as well. Together, the 5-piece band is bringing us music that is straightforward and that everyone can relate to.


Most of us don’t know this, but the process and detail that goes into producing a song is not a one-day work. Play All Day is even more special. They do everything, from scratch! They write the songs, record and mix them. I’m guessing the music video is an independent move as well, but a brave one at that matter! These are bands that deserve our support! Budgetless, the only thing that drives them is their love for the craft. Now, many will say that they are just starting. Fair enough, but there’s something really passionate about seeing these band members striving hard just to tell their story… to be heard.

On the music video…

‘Salungatan’ is a single off of Play All Day’s Pighati EP. It talks about the frustration of having to deal with fights and misunderstanding in a relationship. ‘Salaungatan’ means that two things are going opposite ways, similar to what the writer was experiencing in the relationship. They just couldn’t agree on anything!

The music video, like the song, is pretty straightforward. It shows the band playing the song. I don’t know if it’s just me or some parts were out of sync (?). You can watch the video and let us know what you think. Nonetheless, it communicated to us, what it needed to communicate. Watching the video and seeing the members of the band playing together after they almost forgot about music is something to be amazed about! It is, indeed, never too late to rock. No matter how far you stray, the love for music will always pull you back. It’s a musician thing!

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