No, we don’t want to be sad anymore. And Lauv’s ‘Sad Forever’ gives us that little nudge to get the help we need for our mental health.

Overcoming the stigma of mental illness has been a daunting journey for everyone. For a long time, false belief about it caused significant problems for the people who experience it. It’s long over due for us to get off our high horses and see the reality that it exists. And that help for mental health problems exists for a reason. That’s why ‘Sad Forever’ by Lauv proves to us that it’s not too late for us. Because no one wants to be sad forever, right?

Lauv or Ari Leff, is known for his electronic-based R&B pop that are downright relatable. The pop and bop of his songs keep us high with an upbeat positivity that we yearn. And it’s quite addicting, so to say. That his music keeps us grounded with our feelings. Most of his hit songs are about how love and its residuals in our whole being and life. But as time went by, Lauv began writing about mental health.

Sad Forever

Check out the MV that was filmed during his concert here in Manila!

‘Cause lately
I’ve been in the backseat, doing alright
Trying to take control, but I don’t know how, to

According to Lauv, the song reflects the conflicting emotions we feel about ourselves. Especially those who have mental illnesses. For a long time, society discriminated mental health, its illnesses and the people who are affected by it. It may be unintentional or subtle, but people think it’s just all in the head. That the pain would stop hurting if you stop thinking about it. That no amount of medications can cure it. Because it’s just all in your head.

We just don’t want to go through a whole lot of medications. Because that’s what society tells us. But in reality, there are other ways to deal with our sadness. And sometimes, we need to make a huge decision in order to get better. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Medication is not the enemy

After experiencing his lowest low, Lauv began fighting his inner demons. His battles with depression and Obssessive-Compulsive Disorder made him struggle in his daily life. At first, he didn’t know that he needed help. Until he found himself spiraling down.

He decided to seek help from a psychiatrist, even though he doesn’t have much for mental illness medications. But after using them, he knew it was the help he needed. And he wants to share it to everyone else who’s experiencing mental illnesses to seek help. To take necessary medication. To try a new way to get better. Because no one wants to be sad forever.

All proceeds from ‘Sad Forever’ will go to organizations that are helping to end mental health stigma.

Anyway, support the ending of the stigma of mental health. So be sure to listen to ‘Sad Forever’ by Lauv on Spotify.

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