Melody Hodgson, a Fil-Brit artist, is returning with a powerful ballad after the success of her debut single, ‘Hahay’.

To be frank, this is the first time that we have written about Melody Hodgson. If like us, you are yet to be familiar with her, she is a Fil-Brit artist currently signed under Viva Records who have released her debut single last year in July. Titled ‘Hahay’, her song won ‘Best Regional Recording’ in the recently held Awit Awards 2019. Moreover, she recently came back with ‘Sabihin‘, a powerful pop ballad with a strong message.

Listen to ‘Sabihin’ by Melody Hodgson by simply clicking the play button on the video below.

Asking for the truth even when it’s hard

‘Sabihin’, the second single of Melody Hodgson, has only been released last November 22. And honestly, it is a ballad that most of us need to hear and eventually learn from. Remarkably, the singer-songwriter’s wide vocal range was flawlessly beautiful and her ability to portray emotions through her voice was heartfelt.

Melody’s latest single speaks of confronting a loved one about the hard truth, even when it might be painful.

Sabihin by Melody Hodgson

This song may give people just the strength they need to ask because at times, silence can just really be deafening. Just read the lyrics from the song below.

Bakit ba lagi na lang ako ang biktima?
Kasalanan ba kung minahal kita nang sobra-sobra?
Hindi mo ba naisip ang aking damdamin?
Hindi mo ba naramdaman ang dinadamang sakit?

Sabihin mo na
Sabihin mo na
‘Wag mo nang hayaan lang ibulong sa hangin
Ulit-uliting magsisinungaling

Guys, just tell your significant other the truth, even when it might hurt. After all, a relationship is built on trust and without it the whole foundation will be crumbling. Moreover, if things need to end, don’t delay the inevitable by just spouting lies one after the other. Yes, screw cheaters, but most especially screw you lying cheaters!

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