A breath of fresh yet nostalgic air, Filipino artist Space-Ta offers a soulful sound experience with a brand new single titled “Sa Piling Mo“. 

Continuously gaining traction in Japan after a viral hit titled “Merry Christmas From Your Bed”, the Filipino multi-genre artist Space-Ta is a brilliant musician that you shouldn’t miss out on. Now, he has released a new single under Locked Down Entertainment titled “Sa Piling Mo” which somehow made us feel a great mix of melancholy and nostalgia.

With a unique delivery like no other, Space-Ta echoes every Pinoy power balladeer’s dream: an image of a non-stop karaoke filled with Basil Valdez and Rico J. Puno hits delivered drunkenly with every bit of passion and intensity. 

Sa Piling Mo

Instantly at first listen, “Sa Piling Mo” by Space-Ta is a romantic track that explores a nostalgic but soulful sound. According to the artist, it is informed by Philly soul and gospel music. Moreover, he explains that the song deals with his romantic journey as a time-traveling musician who broke up with his girlfriend in 2032 and ended up meeting someone new in 1989. Honestly, it’s a pretty interesting concept. 

Listen to “Sa Piling Mo” by Space-Ta with us! Check it out by watching the animated lyric video below.

Frankly, even though pretty repetitive, the animation doesn’t fail to leave us in a thoughtful trance. Plus, it was pretty cool imagining driving through the streets of Tokyo ourselves. Together with the girl in the video, the single brings us on a melancholic journey of feelings and realizations. It was somehow a bit overwhelming, but a good out-of-this-world experience too.

Background music is done with Francis De Veyra on bass, Kakoy Legaspi on guitars, Niki Cabardo on keys/organ, Jay Gapasin on drums, and Shinji Tanaka as the sound engineer. 

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