Feeling blue? Let the wind carry your worries away by watching the new ‘Sa Hangin’ MV by Telay!

In what better way to spend your chilly September evenings than to let loose on the ‘Sa Hangin’ MV by Telay? Get ready because we’ve all been waiting for this one.

It hasn’t been a month after acoustic blues singer, Telay, took us over with her first single, ‘Sa Hangin’. And now, we’ve been receiving blessings after blessings with the new ‘Sa Hangin’ music video!

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Telay Robles is a rising artist, making a name for her asleep-awake kind of music which can be described as the type you’ll listen to when you find yourself in a “too much” situation and you need a form of refuge. She’s definitely worth checking out as we can expect more of her out-of-this-world music.

4-minute journey to nowhere

Just as how much the music makes us want to drop everything, lie down and just get taken away, the ‘Sa Hangin’ MV enchants us to do the same. In the music video, we can see Telay taking us to an unknown place–surveying mountains and strolling on the beach as if telling us, “forget about your worries and come with me.” And it did work. For 4 minutes, you can have the opportunity to walk away from everything that has been troubling you–work, school, or anything at all! You’ll feel like leaves getting picked up by the wind of her lyrics.

Haven’t seen the MV yet? Well, don’t worry, we got you! Watch it right here so you know what we’re talking about!

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