Today is a great day to just let it all go and cast all your worries to the wind. This is how we felt listening to Telay’s new single, ‘Sa Hangin’, and it is out on Spotify now!

Introducing herself into the scene with acoustic blues is Telay Robles, although she would prefer to be known as Telay. Her first single called ‘Sa Hangin’ is out on Spotify now! And if you’re the type of person who likes chill music as you contemplate about life, this song might be the perfect one for you. But first, here’s the official audio so you can listen to it!


Telay Robles is a new artist under Kean Cipriano’s rapidly growing record label, O/C Records. And when you hear O/C, you know you’re in for something good. And Telay did not disappoint! ‘Sa Hangin’ definitely showcased her voice in a way that’s soothing, along with the acoustic backing track. Much like her first dip into the Filipino music scene, this song really gives us a front seat view as to how she sounds, and it just made us even more enticed!

Additionally, artists under O/C records hold the record label close to their hearts as it is a safe place where they can explore their very own creative freedom. As for Telay, she is definitely doing great in creating her own sound, a great voice that gives you just chill vibes. She need not impress us with great vocal range, the song’s message is enough to deliver the feeling it was supposed to. This being said, we can’t wait to hear what Telay has got in store for us! Definitely watch out for her next songs as she’s just starting!

Sa Hangin

Ano na nga ba ang kasagutan

Hindi na bale, andito lang naman

Itatanong ko na lang ba sa buwan

O, basta, ewan, pwedeng wag na lang

‘Sa Hangin’ talks about casting your worries away and just going where the wind takes you. It would make sense to free-spirited people as most of us are, to just let things be. You know, sometimes, there are things that we really cannot control and questions we don’t have the answers to, but there’s no sense in stressing about it! Things will happen if they’re meant to. In the same way, we will learn. And we will find out if we’re meant to. This is why it’s better to just go where the wind takes us. Just breathe in, relax, and leave it all to fate. This is how I felt listening to the song!

Just like the song implies, Telay also used a very relaxing photo for her cover art! Fittingly, it’s a photo of a woman relaxing by the seaside, seemingly content and careless. And if you’re up for feeling chill and relaxed, too, definitely stream her song on Spotify!

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