Simply drawing our tears out with raw heartfelt performance, Written By The Stars stuns us with the official music video for ‘Runaway’!

Written By The Stars has always been a crowd favorite during live performances, even when they were still doing covers. Fans watched them evolve from that phase into the original music-making band that they are now. ‘Runaway’ is probably the most depressing break-up song we’ve heard, but the band is not here to let you down. This time, they came up with the official music video for the song, and, frankly, we’re living for it!

I don’t know about you, but although it’s just a performance and is not really in a narrative form, my eyes were glued to the screen. No fancy props, no picturesque location, just plain, raw, emotions. And I think that’s when you can really say that a song is good: when the song is able to communicate its message in and within itself.

Written By The Stars

Let me just open the band’s introduction by citing their Facebook page description, “Hindi magaling pero pwede na,” and with all respect point out that they are absolutely wrong about this. Personally, I think that the band has grown a lot in terms of music and how they sound. They bring back the sound of rock that we used to love as teenagers, waking our heavy eyeliner and banged selves. Written By The Stars is formed by John Robert Calingo on lead vocals, Aron Ador Cruz on lead guitar, Stephen James Laylo on rhythm guitar, and Cromwell Reyes on drums.


Read the comments section for the music video, I dare you. Written By The Stars is being labeled as the Mayday Parade of the Philippines! I’m not all about labeling them like that because we all know each artist has a unique sound. But being at par with an international artist, that’s something big. We can only wait to see where else Written By The Stars can take us with their music!

‘Runaway’ is the band’s first original single. Nonetheless, it’s one of the best! It’s a surprise that the MV only came out after a year, but it’s definitely worth the wait. This song is a perfect soundtrack for all your lonely rainy days. I would like to say it’s just that, but this song talks about heartbreak in a much deeper level. It talks about extreme loneliness brought about by losing a love that did not work out, no matter the amount of effort put into it. When you listen to it, it’s like the band is putting you through the same experience without you having to go through it yourself. And I think it’s beautiful to find comfort in knowing that you’re not the only one experiencing such things. I would definitely recommend adding this to your playlist!

Written By The Stars is surely a band to look out for in the scene. It’s like the band’s success is predestined, or if I could say so myself, written by the stars. Share us your what you thought about ‘Runaway’ on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.